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Residential Services

We will get rid of the clutter in your home!
We will remove and dispose of your unwanted household items, such as old carpets, old furniture and appliances, wall units, tables, chairs, exercise equipment, etc.

We will remove and dispose of your garden waste, renovations debris, and construction materials. We will also remove and dispose of dangerous and restricted goods, such as car batteries, paint, solvents and chemicals.

Your home will look great again, you will be happy! And we will be happy we have helped!

Household Items

We do the removal and disposal of regular household items: chairs, tables, wall units, couches, exercise machines, etc. It also includes removal and disposal of appliances, such as fridges, washers, dryers, etc.

Price Chart (regular household items)
1 item up to ¼ truckload $180.00 (minimum charge)
Up to ½ truckload. $240.00
Up to ¾ truckload. $300.00
Full truckload. $360.00

Curbside Pick-up:
You may prefer to select the items you want to dispose of, ahead of time, on your own time. And pile the items up by the front curb, front lawn, or by the side of your home. This will result in us spending less time doing the pickup, thus you get a discount off the regular rates.

We offer a 15% discount off regular rates, on curbside pickups.

Extra charges:
For excessively large or heavy items. As well as having to gather items from hard-to-reach areas, such as retrieving items from inside crawl spaces, attics, over garage roofs, etc. A surcharge may apply.

However, we will notify you with a free service estimate quote, at the time of doing the service inspection. At this time, you can either accept or reject our estimate. Should you reject our quote, you have nothing to pay. It is a free service quote. We will just be on our way.

Note: we will gladly pick up, remove and dispose of the listed materials and items. However, we cannot stay there raking, tying, bundling, bagging, etc. the said items. The items need to be boxed, bagged, or bundles, and in ready-to-be-picked up form, for us to take out of your home and onto our truck.

Gardening, Yard, and Renovation Debris
We do removal and disposal of garden and yard waste, and renovations debris.

Yard waste: piles of brush, paper yard waste bags, branches, logs, stumps, tree and plant trimmings, etc.

Renovation debris: materials of lightweight, such as wood studs, glass, sheet metal ducts, old windows and doors, broken pieces of drywall, vinyl flooring, etc. provided they are in pick-up ready form (tied up with twine, bagged in garbage bags, in boxes or garbage cans, etc.

Note: Removal and disposal of garden, yard waste and renovation debris is done provided the debris is piled up, and in ready to grab condition, to move to the curb, to be loaded on our truck.

We may be able to do raking, gathering, and bagging of scattered debris, in order to take away. (extra charges may apply) However, this service is subject to time availability. Please enquire about raking and bagging at the time of requesting a Free Service Estimate.

Dangerous Goods

The following are rates to do removal and disposal of items considered restricted, dangerous, hazardous. Things like paint, solvents and chemicals. Car batteries and others, vehicle tires, medical equipment, propane tanks, etc.

We dispose of the dangerous goods, safely and within regulation, to the appropriate municipal depots, that handle this type of goods. While at your property doing a regular household pick-up, we can include picking up dangerous goods at the rates listed below.

Price Chart (dangerous, restricted, hazardous goods)
Propane tank. $10.00
Paint can. $5.00
Vehicle tire. $5.00
Solvents, chemicals. Price on location once we know quantity.

We offer to do a trip to your place, just to do a pick up for removal and disposal of dangerous good, as follow.

One full regular size garbage tin can. $180.00 (minimum charge)

Construction & Hardscape Debris (Heavy Materials)
The following are rates to do removal and disposal of construction debris. We consider construction debris to be bricks, cinder blocks, stones, sand, gravel, limestone, pavers, broken up concrete, etc. It also includes soil that is mixed with stones, or garbage.

These items are generally quite heavy, so there are limitations as to how much weight we can load on our trucks on one single trip. However, we can handle any quantity of heavy material, just doing additional trips.

Price Chart (heavy construction debris)
One 5-gallon bucketful (1 cu. ft) full of heavy material
$20.00 per each bucketful.

Minimum charge: $180.00
(meaning for 1 up 9 bucketsful the minimum charge applies)
These rates are applicable to ready-to-load, packaged items

Rates for labour to gather, collect debris, and bag into ready-to-load packages.

Price Chart
(labour and time to pack debris, to make ready for removal)
$120 per hr.

Note: maximum weight per truckload. 28 bucketsful. (1000kg)

The following are rates to do the removal and disposal of clean soil. No garbage, no stones, etc. Soil is generally lighter in weight than bricks and stones, if it is not mixed with heavy materials.

Price Chart (clean soil)
One 5-gallon bucketful (1 cu. ft) full of soil
11.00 per bucketful

Minimum charge: $180.00
(meaning for 1 up 16 bucketsful the minimum charge applies)

Price Chart
(labour and time to pack debris, to make ready for removal)
$120 per hr.

Note: maximum weight per truckload. 28 bucketsful. (1000kg)

Business Services

If you have piles of junk in your office or workplace taking up valuable space, we are ready to help! We work with local business and corporate clients to haul away unwanted furniture, cubicles, drywall, carpets, construction debris, and other commercial items regardless of their location within your building.

Junk Magic offers quick and easy booking, affordable rates, and professional and respectful staff. We are happy to accommodate one-time calls or weekly and monthly scheduled visits.

Let’s discuss a plan of action and to get you set up for regularly scheduled pick-ups. Corporate rates are set after a Service Estimate is done and frequency of service is established. Please contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your particular needs for the disposal and removal of junk and unwanted items.

Property Clean-outs
  • Office or retail space
  • Storage facilities
Construction Debris Removal
  • Concrete
  • Bricks
  • Logs
  • Soil & dirt
  • Tiles, etc.
Electronic Waste Removal
  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Monitors, keyboards, etc.
Furniture & Cubicle Removal
  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Shelving
  • Fixtures
  • Countertops, cabinets, etc.)