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Residential Services

We will get rid of the clutter in your home!
We will remove and dispose of your unwanted household items, such as old carpets, old furniture and appliances, wall units, tables, chairs, exercise equipment, etc.

We will remove and dispose of your garden waste, renovations debris, and construction materials. We will also remove and dispose of dangerous and restricted goods, such as car batteries, paint, solvents and chemicals.

Your home will look great again, you will be happy! And we will be happy we have helped!

Business Services

If you have piles of junk in your office or workplace taking up valuable space, we are ready to help! We work with local business and corporate clients to haul away unwanted furniture, cubicles, drywall, carpets, construction debris, and other commercial items regardless of their location within your building.

Junk Magic offers quick and easy booking, affordable rates, and professional and respectful staff. We are happy to accommodate one-time calls or weekly and monthly scheduled visits.

Let’s discuss a plan of action and to get you set up for regularly scheduled pick-ups. Corporate rates are set after a Service Estimate is done and frequency of service is established. Please contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your particular needs for the disposal and removal of junk and unwanted items.